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CBD X Turmeric & Ginger 1

CBD X Turmeric & Ginger


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CBD X Lavender & Chamomile 2

CBD X Lavender & Chamomile


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CBD Pet Aid 3

CBD Pet Aid


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CBD Topical Cream X Grapefruit & Lavender 4

CBD Topical Cream X Grapefruit & Lavender


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CBD X Valerian Root 5

CBD X Valerian Root


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We challenge the conventions of mind and body care

Our Whole Plant CBD and THC-FREE CBD X HERBs have unique properties that can enhance our friends, family, customers and even our beloved pet’s lives every day!

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“I have had great results with the CBD oil I purchased from Meli Botanicals! The inflammation in my knee has really gone down since using the product. I used the oil for 1 week and immediately noticed improvement in all areas of my arthritis. I am very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend the inflammation oil. It worked wonders!”

– Suzanne

CBD Body Aid Kit

Infused with herbs

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