Before you buy CBD, here are the two of the most important questions to ask:

1) Where do you buy or grow your CBD?

ANSWER: You’re looking for CBD derived from hemp grown in the United States. While there are indeed good products from elsewhere, there has been an influx of very low quality hemp products specifically from China and the Ukraine that have penetrated the U.S. market. (quality cbd)

2) Do you have a third party certified lab to test your products?

ANSWER: Ask your CBD company to provide a “Certificate of Analysis” or a “COA”. COA’s are critical. Not only do they allow you to know that you are dealing with a legitimate CBD manufacturer, but they also will give you peace of mind that there are no pesticides or solvents.

Feel free to ask us these questions at any time! And, you may have other questions that you would like to ask us – Reach out at your convenience. We are happy to chat 🙂

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