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Life. It's a lot.

When anxiety and stress add up, it can be overwhelming.Sometimes we all need a hand to help settle our minds and restore our natural balance.

Our Anxiety Aid Products

CBD + Lavender Drops


Guide your body back into a relaxing balance with our Anxiety Aid drops enhanced with Lavender & Chamomile. Available in both Whole Plant and THC Free versions.

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Gummies - Lavender

CBD-Relaxation-Aid-THC-Free-Gummies-Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety and StressNOBG

Our gummies combine CBD with ancient herbs Lavender and Chamomile in these tasty bears! Soothe your body and mind with these THC Free functional treats.

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How it works


Why Meli Botanicals

Healing Plants

Premium CBD derived from hemp grown in Colorado is enhanced with medicinal herbs to provide all-natural relief.



We offer both whole plant and CBD isolate herbal products, meaning there is something for everyone.


Lab Tested

Our CBD is tested for potency and purity to ensure no pesticides, solvents, or contaminants are present.


30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

Your health is our focus. If our products aren’t right for you, let us know and we’ll refund your purchase.

Our customers are saying...

“I've been more wound up than ever. Anxiety Aid helps me slow down a bit. I'm more present. I'm still stressed, but I can put it away for a while. Thanks Melior!”

Brett in San Diego

“I wasn’t sure about CBD, but it worked for my friend so I decided to try it. I liked that these gummies had natural herbs too. I’ll be coming back for more!”

Donna in Santa Monica

“Instead of my normal glass of wine to relax I’ve been using Anxiety Aid. It’s really helped me unwind faster at the end of a crazy day.”

Shannon in Escondido

Be your best self!


Don’t become overrun with anxiety and stress focusing on all the things while life passes you by.

Get back to your natural balance. Control your anxiety and stress. Be your best self living your best life!


Functional CBD + Herbs

Born and raised in Southern California

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Inflammation Aid CBD

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Bedtime Aid CBD

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Pet Aid CBD

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