Jojoba Oil: (actually a liquid wax)
• Mimics our natural sebum
• Helps the hair skin and nails retain their natural oils
• Penetrates deep, purges toxins and denigrates buildup
• Extremely moisturizing yet light and quickly absorbs into the skin

Hemp Seed Oil:
• Extremely moisturizing
• High in omegas 3,6 and 9 fatty acids
• Relieves dry itchy scalp and treats dandruff, eczema and psoriasis

Jamaican Black Castor Oil:
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Anti-inflammatory
• High in vitamins, minerals, proteins, omegas and fatty acids
• Increases blood circulation
• Cleanses the scalp of parasites and toxins that damage the hair and inhibit growth

Argon Oil:
• Regulates sebum
• Treats split ends
• Rich in fatty acids and vitamin e
• Tames frizz and strengthens hair

Papaya Seed Oil:
• Strong anti-oxidant
• Slightly exfoliating
• Natural skin brightener that lightens age and sun spots
• Shrinks pores and evens skin tone
• Soothes dry inflamed skin
• Improves elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of scaring
• Promotes the regeneration of the skin

All the essential oils used are 100% pure, therapeutics grade, organic and sustainably sourced.
They have been G.C.M.S tested for absolute purity.


Lavender Oil:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Enhances circulation
• Inhibits acne causing bacteria
• Regulates over-excretion of sebum hormonally
• Reduces scaring
• Disinfects the scalp and skin
• Effective at treating hairloss (alopecia)
• Treats lice and nits

Rosemary Oil (Moroccan):
• Antioxidant
• Potent anti-aging effect
• Increases natural shine
• Helps heal blemishes
• Natural UV protectant
• Promotes hair growth, slows graying, treats dandruff, prevents dry scalp
• Can treat androgenetic alopecia (permanent balding)

Frankincense Oil (Carterii):
• Tones and lifts skin
• Reduces fine line, wrinkles and combats the loss of firmness
• Regenerates healthy cells, keeping cells and tissue healthy
• Astringent
• Potent anti-aging
• Eliminates age and sun spots
• Evens skin tone
• Brightens yellowing nails

Cedarwood oil (atlas):

• Anti-septic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Astringent
• Nourishes the skin and scalp
• Help strengthen the hair at the root to prevent breakage

Peppermint Oil:
• Anti-septic
• Greatly Increases circulation and blood flow
• Stimulates hair growth
• Adds shine and body to dull thin hair

Patchouli Oil:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Regenerates new skin cells
• Treats eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and skin sores
• Eliminates marks left by boils, acne and pox
• Speeds up the healing of cuts and wounds
• Fades scars