This post is part of Meli Botanicals CBD Education series designed to help both new and veteran CBD users and enthusiasts make informed decisions.

Important CBD Questions Answered

Before you decide if CBD can help you, you have questions and you need answers. Let’s dive in and arm you with facts!

We get a lot of questions when we do events and meet people in person. Below are the most often asked CBD questions answered.

Will CBD get me high?

While many CBD products may in fact help, you can still “get high” with these products. So let’s tackle these concerns and find out how to steer clear of any unwanted side effects.

CBD is not intoxicating. By itself, you are NOT going to get a high from CBD.

That being said, there is another compound in the hemp plant that can get you high. CBD’s cousin, THC.

Will CBD fail a drug test?

As you probably know, some employers require drug tests when they hire you and maybe even as an ongoing part of working for them. That means it’s super important to understand how CBD works with drug tests.

So, will CBD fail a drug test? In short, no. CBD itself is not looked for in drug tests. I repeat – your employer’s test isn’t even looking for CBD.

You can NOT fail a properly performed drug test if the product you are taking contains only CBD.

You can and will fail a drug test if the product contains THC. This is because drug tests look for the THC molecule. This is the component to Cannabis that can, in fact, get you high.

Now that we’ve gotten the most common CBD questions answered, let’s talk about which kind of CBD is right in your case.

What Kind of CBD is Right For Me?

There are two main types of CBD on the market:

  1. CBD from Hemp “Isolate” 0% THC, or CBD Isolate
  2. CBD from Hemp “Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” with less than 0.3% THC

CBD Isolate

If you’re being tested and want THC FREE products then here’s your wish list: ask for a Hemp-based CBD Isolate. “CBD Isolate” is just what it sounds like – the CBD is isolated from the Hemp plant. The CBD is all you’re getting. This means there should be 0% THC in the product.

We recommend that you see an independent lab test to confirm this, especially if you are drug tested for work.

Here are the two questions you need to ask a product source to make sure you’re not going to fail a drug test:

  1. Do you have CBD Isolate products?
  2. Can you show me a lab test that PROVES that it has ZERO THC? If they can’t provide you a lab test (aka COA – Certificate of Analysis) then in the words of the great Pink Floyd, “RUN LIKE HELL!!!”

CBD Companies must have a testing lab.

Third-party lab tests ensure that CBD potency is accurate, confirms that there is no THC for an Isolate based product, and looks for anything that you don’t want to ingest such as pesticides or residual solvents.

Super important!

To simplify and recap…if you don’t want to get high and you want to make sure you are able to pass an employer drug test, you want a Hemp-based CBD Isolate product with NO THC verified by a LAB TEST. If those things aren’t important to you, maybe you should consider Hemp Whole Plant or Full Spectrum products.

Whole Plant & Full Spectrum

If you’re thinking to yourself “I’m not worried about getting high or passing a drug test, I just want the best CBD I can get” then let me tell you about whole plant & full spectrum products.

When we talked about whether CBD would get you high, I told you that a small amount of THC was unlikely to affect you and that one of the products you could seek out that wouldn’t get you high was CBD from Hemp “Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” with less than 0.3% THC.

We’re talking about CBD products that have very small amounts of THC in them because, in my opinion, and that of many researchers, “Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” makes the best CBD products.

“Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” are the best kind of CBD products.

This is because it has everything in the hemp plant. It has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, chlorophyll, terpenes – essentially, all the good stuff!

If you’re OK with a little THC then you want to check out whole plant or full spectrum hemp product.

You might be asking yourself: “Self, Why should I consider a CBD product that includes THC?”

Well, as I mentioned above, the answer is because it’s considered by a majority of researchers to be the better solution.

While we certainly have seen the THC-Free products work really well, the best products don’t isolate Cannabinoids (CBD and THC are cannabinoids) and instead take a whole-plant approach. Simply put, all the active components in hemp work synergistically together and have been shown to create stronger benefits.

Do Whole Plant & Full Spectrum Products Get Me High?

Now, a key follow-up question about these types of products: Will the less than 0.3% THC in whole plant & full spectrum hemp CBD products get me high?

No. However, we have heard in rare cases that some feel a slight initial euphoria.

I was actually one of those rare cases. I felt an initial euphoria at first, but it went away quickly and I never felt that in subsequent uses.

Questions To Ask Before Buying CBD

Now that you understand what the differences are between CBD Isolate and Whole Plant & Full Spectrum CBD, how can you be sure to get the one that’s right for you? Ask these questions of your potential CBD source:

  1. Is this CBD from Marijuana or Hemp?
  2. Does it have THC?
  3. How much THC? (Less than 0.3% is typically OK)

Knowing what you want and how to find it is the hard part, and you’ve now got that covered!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you are considering CBD for the first time or a CBD veteran, we love talking CBD!


Dan Grim
Owner, Meli Botanicals