Is CBD good for my pet?

Is CBD good for my pet is a very common question! To answer it, let’s ask you a question as well – is your pet a cat or a dog? Yes? Great!

As mammals, cats and dogs have what’s called an endocannabinoid system. That means we humans and our four-legged friends have a system that accepts cannabinoids and utilizes them. Simply put, the same way CBD can help us as humans is the same or similar in the way that CBD can help your furry little friend! So there is a good chance that CBD is good for your pet and they can benefit. How?

Jade Loves Her CBD

Let’s take Jade as an example. Jade not only lives with Meli Botanicals co-owner Billy Roberts, she is also head of Meli’s security! She is almost ten years old and Billy has been giving her CBD daily for just over a year now. Here are 3 big takeaways from Jade’s experience.

  1.  Her Knee is better! Jade has a degenerative knee disease, which has caused quite a bit of inflammation. Her walks were becoming more and more difficult for her and she had all but given up on her favorite hobby – chasing lizards in the park. By the 3rd day of getting CBD, the difference was noticeable. She was peppy and perky and ready to roll!  She still has a little limp, but it improved enough to where she is chasing lizards daily and warns any burglar who dares knock on the door that the security force is ready to protect!
  2. She is less anxious now. While Jade’s exaggerated limp was the primary reason for the CBD, two other secondary benefits emerged. The first of which was incessant barking. Jade will bark at people at the front door or a nearby dog or cat, but generally speaking, her barking doesn’t normally go overboard. Unless there is a party at her house. Once a crowd gathers, Jade can get overwhelmed with all the excitement. Sometimes, she would bark for over 20 minutes! This behavior no longer occurs. She still will bark at visitors who knock on the door, but she settles down within a minute or so, relaxes, and enjoys the company. She takes her time getting love from the guests and of course, gets her playtime with the kids!
  3. Her skin is improving. The last benefit to emerge was her skin clearing up!  Anyone who owns a pit-bull can tell you about his or her finicky skin. About 75% of Jade’s skin issues have been eliminated. Why? Jade’s skin conditions were mostly an allergic response to aspects of her environment. Allergies can cause a spike in inflammation, which was the probable cause of her discomfort. Just like her knee, the inflammation is not eliminated, but rather has been reduced to a manageable level.

How does Jade get her CBD?

Jade weighs 50 pounds, so she gets 5mg or 10 total drops per day of Meli Botanicals Pet Aid formula.

Ideally, these drops would go directly under her tongue. However, this ferocious pit bull is afraid of the dropper when it gets close to her mouth (burglars don’t take note!).

To avoid the dropper and ensure proper dosage, Billy puts 5 drops on a treat in the morning when he gets his breakfast ready and 5 drops on another treat in the evening when he gets his dinner ready. This has been her routine for over a year now and she is a happier dog for it!

So…how will you answer the question “Is CBD good for my pet?”


As always, if you have any questions about our Pet Aid or other CBD topics, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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