CBD itself is not looked for in drug tests.

I repeat – Your employer’s test is NOT looking for CBD.

You can NOT fail a properly performed drug test if the product you are taking contains only CBD.

You can and will fail a drug test if the product contains THC. This is because drug tests look for the THC molecule. This is the component to Cannabis that can in fact get you high. If you’re being tested then you should ask for products using CBD Isolate. In addition, we recommend you receive 3rd party lab tests that verify this.
Here are the two questions you need to ask a product source to make sure you’re not going to fail a drug test:

     1. Do you have CBD Isolate products?
     2. Can you show me a lab test that PROVES that it has ZERO THC? 

If they can’t provide you a lab test (aka COA – Certificate of Analysis) then in the words of the great Pink Floyd, “RUN LIKE HELL!!!”
CBD Companies must have a testing lab. e. Third party lab tests ensures that CBD potency is accurate, confirms that there is no THC for an Isolate based product, and looks for anything that you don’t want to ingest such as pesticides or residual solvents.

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