This post is part of Meli Botanicals CBD Education series designed to help both new and veteran CBD users and enthusiasts make informed decisions.

Will CBD get you high?

A big challenge that many people have with CBD is fear. Society is changing regarding its view of cannabis. This means that many of you have questions to be answered before you dive in and see if CBD can help you.

This is totally understandable. You are looking for a solution to a problem. You don’t want to get high.  And, you don’t want fail a drug test.

If you grew up in the 80’s, then you were exposed to “this is your brain” and “this is your brain on drugs.” CBD is derived from Cannabis, and that Nancy Reagan gal told us cannabis was bad! Fortunately, that era is over. The government has been exposed for covering up the truth. They can no longer deny that Cannabis is a natural medicine that can benefit many people.

Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical doctor, got on TV and said, “I changed my mind {regarding Cannabis as medicine} and I believe you can too.” He even wrote this in a letter to the now deposed Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Video below is Sanjay describing why he changed his mind on Cannabis medicine:
While many CBD products may in fact help, you can still “get high” or fail a drug test with these products. So lets tackle these concerns and find out how to steer clear of any challenges.

Will CBD get you high?
No. You will NOT get high. CBD is not intoxicating.

What will get you high is CBD’s cousin THC. So the questions you want to ask your potential CBD source are

  1. Is this CBD from Marijuana or Hemp?
  2. Does it have THC?
  3. How much THC? (Less than .3% is OK)

If you’re concerned about getting high you are looking for one of 2 kinds of products:

  1. CBD from Hemp “Isolate” 0% THC
  2. CBD from Hemp “Whole Plant” or “Full Spectrum” with less than .3% THC

There’s your wish list. So if you want THC FREE product you should ask for a Hemp based CBD Isolate. “CBD Isolate” is just what it sounds like – The CBD is isolated from the Hemp plant.  The CBD is all you’re getting.

This means there should be 0% THC in the product. We recommend that you see an independent lab test to confirm this, especially if you are drug tested for work.

If you’re OK with a little THC then you want Whole Plant or Full Spectrum Hemp product.

“Whole Plant”, in my opinion and that of many researchers, is what makes the best products. This is because it has everything in the hemp plant. It has a full spectrum of cannabinoids, chlorophyll, and terpenes – essentially, all the good stuff!
Will the less than .3% in the Whole Plant/Full Spectrum give you a high? The answer is no. However, we have heard in rare cases that some feel a slight initial euphoria.

You might be asking yourself:
“Why should I consider a CBD product that includes THC – especially if the CBD Isolate has been shown to be effective?”
Well, the answer is because it’s considered by a majority of researchers to be a better solution. Essentially, the current research suggests that if the hemp plant is in its most complete form, then it has a higher probability of being more effective.

So, in review you want to ask for

  1. Hemp Isolate Product – No THC – with LAB TEST
  2. Hemp Whole Plant/Full Spectrum – A little THC – with LAB TEST

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